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I am a consumer, how do I engage with Hostbuddy ?

Consumer will interact with Hostbuddy action/bot on Google Assistant, FB Messenger respectively. Even When a newbie walks into Hostbuddy supported establishments, restaurant will send SMS to help them on-boarded to their favorite digital assistant or chat app. Consumer can also easily lookup hostbuddy in the messenger, or talk to hostbuddy from Google Assistant. HostBuddy helps guests to find nearby restaurants and add themselves to the restaurant wait list or place smart order through voice/video support, StarBucks style for Order Ahead without downloading any app.

I am a merchant, how do I implement AI/NLP ?

Restaurant downloads HostBuddy app onto their POS or an Android device, for registration we require location details and contact phone number for verification. Hostbuddy is plug & play AI/NLP for a small deli or a big franchise, we automate customer engagements for example to book a table or complex Order Ahead or repeat Order My Usual for guests directly from their favorite digital assistant. We spare the restaurant staff from manual order taking and offer convenience for diners. While doing so, we also build guest book for merchants to offer superior service to their repeat customers.


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